About the Neverjetlagged Mom

Hi! I am Deepti (known as @neverjetlagged in the virtual world). In this blog, I share my travel experiences with my husband and our daughter. As a family, we passionately believe that experiences that our child gains during our travels are lessons for a lifetime!
We have been traveling with our daughter ever since she was 3 months old. From hot-air ballooning in Turkey to climbing a volcano in East Java, from cycling in Chiang Mai to learning with the weavers of Laos, we believe that traveling with kids can be a lot more than theme parks and beach resorts (although those are on our list too!).
Originally from Mumbai, I have lived in Singapore and am now based in Kuala Lumpur – all very enriching cities that we have explored by walking around neighborhoods, food centres & cafes, and by looking for the experiences beyond the tourist spots.
Read on for our neverjetlagged adventures.

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