Day Trip to Sekinchan, Selangor: 8 Things to do on your visit.

A little fishing town on the west coast of peninsular Malaysia, Sekinchan makes for a great day-trip from Kuala Lumpur: it’s 1.5 hours away on the highway (about 95 kms) and has just enough things to do to over 4-5 hours! 

Getting there

Sekinchan is about 95 kms from Kuala Lumpur. We took the E25 LATAR Expressway initially and then exited at Ijok to take the single lane (but comfortable) road all the way to Sekinchan, passing through Kuala Selangor town.

Road to Sekinchan after exiting the Expressway

One Day in Sekinchan

Here are a few things that we loved to do in Sekinchan:

Paddy Fields & Paddy Gallery:

Apart from being a fishing town, Sekinchan is also known as a rice growing area. During the season, paddy fields in Sekinchan are a beautiful lush green (sowing season) or stunning golden (harvest season)! The paddy fields are great to walk around – the lush green carpet of paddy, spotting birds flying over the fields, seeing the irrigation mechanism – overall a great break from the concrete city life! (Beautiful as they are, they’re smaller in scale as compared to the paddy field views of, say, Vietnam or Laos or Indonesia, just to set your expectations).The fields are great to walk around, although would recommend going earlier in the day or later in the afternoon to not get the peak of heat and to really enjoy the walk around. The Paddy Gallery is a great insight into all the processes that go into rice production – a quick tour makes for an interesting activity for children. 

(The Paddy Gallery was closed for visitors during our recent trip in March as they were realigning their visitor process to latest Govt SOPs, apparently they were to open shortly. During our previous visit, also during some version of the MCO in Malaysia, the Gallery was open to visitors).

Sekinchan Wishing Tree

This is a quick and interesting stop next to Pantai Redang (Redang Beach) in Sekinchan. A quaint little Chinese temple and a magnificent tree next to it. The tree has numerous red ribbons hanging on it. The deal is, you get a red ribbon (with a coin at the end of it) by making a small donation at the temple next door. Then make a wish and toss the ribbon onto the branches. The higher the ribbon goes, the higher the chance of your wish coming true 😉 A fun activity for kids!

Redang Beach

Pantai Redang (Redang beach) is a small & fairly quiet beach. Of course, this beach is no Langkawi or Tioman – it’s a small beach – not an exotic shoreline or blue waters – but it’s lovely for kite flying. One can buy kites (and other beach knick-knacks & toys) from the shacks on the beachfront. Like the paddy fields, this beach is also best visited earlier in the morning or later in the afternoon to avoid the scorching sun. 

The Fishing Village

Sekinchan is basically a fishing town. It’s great to walk around the area around the backwaters – fishing boats parked, loading docks on stilts, shops selling fresh from the boat seafood and seafood restaurants. It’s an interesting vibe to witness.  

Fishing Boats in Sekinchan

Seafood of Sekinchan

Needless to say, a fishing town like Sekinchan has some really fresh seafood to offer. Restaurants (most of them around Jalan Bagan & Jalan Sungai Labu), have some fresh fish, clams, crab, lobster – the works! The one we’ve liked on our trips there has been Restoran Loong Hua (we have loved their clams, fish and crabs and their prawns in salted egg yolk cereal and their lobster also seemed quite popular on other tables). 


Our pre-teen had a 2 point agenda for Sekinchan – kite flying & mangoes! During the season (May-July & November-December) Sekinchan has a breed of mangoes that are twice the size of your palm! Mango King in Sekinchan (down the same street as the Paddy Gallery), has some of the best Mangoes. Walk into this very popular mango stall and you will not only find some of the best mangoes for sale but also all things mango – Fresh Mango Juice (all pulp, no additives), Mango Smoothie, Mango Popsicle! If you go off season, you will still find mangoes but the regular sized ones (just as sweet though). 

The Quirky N16 Cafe

This cafe is good for a quick quirky photo stop! An old bus perched on top of a container is what this cafe is. The seats inside the bus have been restructured to make way for tables & chairs and a cafe counter. The food is strictly okay (we just picked up a cake) but the cafe makes for an interesting stop especially for kids. 

The quirky N16 Cafe: an old bus perched on top of a container (parts of it cordoned off due to MCO SOPs)

Ah Ma House

Also in the same street as the Paddy Gallery, the Ah Ma house is a traditional bakery/ confectionery store that sells kuehs along with a vintage set-up that displays all things retro – furniture, toys, snacks, appliances – all from Malaysia of the 80s. It’s good for a quick photo stop en route the paddy fields but you wouldn’t miss much if you didn’t. 

Overall, Sekinchan makes for a great day trip from KL. Sekinchan is just ahead of Kuala Selangor town so one can also club Sekinchan with a trip to the fireflies at Kampung Kuantan or the Sky Mirror (both near Kuala Selangor). 

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